3 Easy To Spot Signs that Your Child is Ready to Start Potty Training

When it comes to finding out when is the right time to start toilet training your child, each parent you ask will probably tell you a different advice.

The best potty training advice is without a doubt to be involved in your childs learning experiences. Toilet training is not something you decide when to start, instead it’s all about when your toddler is ready to start.

If you’re involved in your child’s learning activities you will start to notice different behavior changes, some of which will be clear signs that your child is ready and able for you to start teaching him or her how to use the potty.

It’s true that toilet training toddler boys can be slower than girls, but that is because girls have a desire to stay clean earlier than boys do.

Ok so let’s talk about the readiness signs:

1. Your child is able to communicate his or her wants

Maybe not through words yet, but through bodily movements, looks or facial expression which tell you that he might want something from you.

This is very easy to spot as long as you know how your child usually communicates with you.

2. He or She can put things back in their place

Your toddler is starting to understand where objects go around the house, and also a very basic understanding of what each object does or is used for. If you’re thinking that potty training girls is easier, this is because they have a bigger desire to be more independent.

This shows that your child is becoming more and more independent when completing tasks.

3. Your child appears to be interested in the potty chair

When a toddler is ready to start potty training, he starts to show interest in how mommy and daddy use the toilet. This can be a bit awkward for some parents but it is a very effective way to set the stage  and helping your child familiarize with the toilet and bathroom activities.

Introducing the potty to your child even before any readiness signs begin to show is always a good idea, especially if you’re gonna use a three-day toilet training process which in this case works even smoother.

While you’re listening to the video above, I recommend you go to http://www.projectpottytraining.com and check out their articles on potty training, they’ve helped me a lot with my first and second child.

Which are the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Although it’s not that important for some people, I find noise cancellation a very cool feature.

But not every noise cancelling headphones offer the same quality.

So.. here’s a video with a comparison of the best noise canceling headphones and the quality of their noise cancelling feature.


So, which are your favorites from this video?

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Personally I prefer the Bose ones, but I’m probably a little biased since I’ve owned a couple of pairs my self.

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Prima lectie de ski – Schiurile si Echipamentul

Desi am schiat doar o singura data in viata mea, defapt mai mult m-am rostogolit pe partie, sincer chiar mi-a placut.

Si pot sa spun ca am prins gustul.

Asa ca am decis sa postez acest video care sper sa va ajute si pe voi daca sunteti incepatori. E in engleza, dar se intelege.

Deci cum vi s-a parut?

Stiu, sunt cateva banalitati dar pentru un schior incepator sunt importante.

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Oricum, sper ca v-am indreptat spre calea cea buna si in scurt timp o sa ajunge-ti sa face-ti chiar si sarituri cu schiurile.

Cum cureti laptopul de praf in 3 pasi simpli?

O problema predominanta la folosirea indelungata a laptopurilor este acumularea de praf in zona cooler-ului.

Acest lucru duce la probleme de gen supra-incalzirea componentelor electronice ce cauzeaza stingerea notebook-ului.

Cum v-am promis, aveti mai jos un video scurt care va arata exact cum sa proceda-ti.

Simplu, nu?

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Acuma, poate va intrebati: Acumularea de praf se intampla mai repede la laptopuri ieftine?

Raspunsul este NU!

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Combina frigorifica cu 2 compresoare – Ce trebuie stiut?

Tot mai multa lume cauta aparate frigorifice dotate cu 2 compresoare, si asta din mai multe motive:

Iata un video cu o combina frigorifica care indeplineste aceste cerinte si se poate gasi la un pret mai mic.

Desi la prima vedere consumul energetic este mai mare datorita celor 2 compresoare, racirea se face mult mai eficient iar motoarele nu sunt solicitate la maxim de unde rezulta o durata de viata mult mai lunga si deci o economie de bani pe termen lung.

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